Dose Guardian Home Medication Management Solution

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Not taking your medications correctly ...

  • can cost you $40 or more per day for outside help
  • is a major factor in loss of independence for seniors
  • is responsible for 23% of all nursing home admissions
  • triggers 10% of all hospital admissions
  • causes 128,000 deaths a year
  • can cause you or your loved one to incur significant, avoidable health care costs

Let the Dose Guardian® help you take control!!

The Dose Guardian® Home Medication Management System is a fast and easy to use solution.  It brings unit dose packaging capability, the same safe and effective medication administration method used in hospitals and managed care facilities, to the privacy and convenience of the home.

Great for travel ... 

The sealed Dose Guardian® packets are sanitary, spill proof, and tamper resistant. Strips are perforated for easy separation of the individual dose packets, 1 for each day of the week. Packets fit easily into pocket or purse. Just grab them and go!

A great tool for the stressed care provider ...

No more weekly chore of pill organizing. You or a care provider can create convenient unit dose packets for an entire month's worth of medications in one 15 minute sitting! And the handy tear off tabs on the individual dose packets serve as a physical record that the doses were taken. Great peace of mind for the family member trying to monitor their loved one's drug therapies. No more worries about your loved one spilling their pill box and then overdosing when they couldn't get their meds sorted correctly!

So are you too young for a pill box?

The convenient unit dose packets are great for busy, "on the go" lifestyles of any age and they easily fit into pockets or purses. The handy tear off tabs make it easy to tell if you took a dose. No more holding an open pill bottle wondering if you took the pill yet! It also works well for vitamins and/or supplements though you may need to use more than one packet if you have many large or oddly shaped pills.

Everything you need to get started is included ...

The starter system costs only $299.99 and is shipped complete with the Dose Guardian® sorting/sealing device, a 6 week supply of packaging strips, and marking pen.  Extra refill packs of 13 strips (choose A.M or P.M.) are available for $8.75 per pack. Deluxe size strips are now available for $10.25 per pack with label options NOON, BED, AS NEEDED, and a BLANK/NO LABEL style.

Throw away the filthy plastic pill box that never gets washed! The Dose Guardian® makes a great gift for any occasion!!

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Patent # 6,761,010 and other patents pending